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CASE STUDY 1 – Government Contracting – Southern Command

Overview: In the most costly initiative in Latin America since the Cold War, the U.S. has militarized the battle against the drug traffickers, spending more than $20 billion in the past decade. The sophistication and violence of the traffickers is so great that the U.S. military is training not only law enforcement agents in Latin American nations, but their militaries as well, building a network of expensive hardware, radar, airplanes, ships, runways and refueling stations to stem the tide of illegal drugs from South America to the U.S.

Client recognized the need to work with a specialized US contracting company with local representation and experience to support the project.

Mission: Client mission was to deliver $96 million worth of equipment to an under developed country in an obscure location to track drug trafficking in Latin America. This site became one of the few permanent US military stations in Latin America.


  • Charter Vessel to safely transport $96 million worth of Satellite and Equipment to under developed country
  • Implementation of ship docking and road support
  • Security and border control
  • Put in placestrong onsite equipment support

Solution: Tran Logistics rolled out an integrated logistics and transportation plan in order to (a) implement a shipping dock and road transport of cargo, (b) stimulated local authorities in support of custom clearance and permits, (c) provided equipment position and transporting of cargo onsite. This region of an under developed country is now operated by local and US Military.

  • Provided analysis of the type of charter vessel needed
  • Identified charter type with ramp for the project
  • Carefully researched and suggested the appropriate season and route based on weather conditions for vessel transport
  • Retained available equipment
  • Worked closely with local authorities to receive permission, clearance and support for documentations
  • Provided local security and border control for complete project


  • Within two months, the client’s $96 million worth of equipment was transported safely and installed on site successfully
  • Permanent infrastructure was implemented along with ongoing transportation and logistics support
  • The infrastructure for cargo transport has grown into an accessible location to ship and receive cargo weekly. Tran Logistics assisted the client in revolutionizing the City for years to come. Military and people in this town can receive goods weekly as they continue to modernize as a City.
  • 28% in cost savings of complete project


CASE STUDY 2 – Government Contracting-Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

Overview: The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command is a unique Army command that delivers world-class, origin-to-destination distribution solutions. Whenever and wherever soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen are deployed. SDDC is involved in planning and executing the surface delivery of their equipment and supplies.

The client contracted Tran Logistics to assist in providing products and services and reducing costs. Tran Logistics mission is to support SDDC in DOD surface transportation of goods and they provided local capabilities to meet requirements of Host Nation Country and US contracting requirements in correlation to the project.

Mission: To provide (a) reliable, (b) cost effective, (c) support global surface deployment and distribution transportation services in support of national defense objectives.


  • Customs clearance, border control and inland road support
  • Supply various types of trucks and equipments in Central America for military missions
  • Cut cost and expenses


  • Identified types and correct amounts of trucks needed to transport goods
  • Assisted client in arranging border control for convoy
  • Provided available equipment required at all sites within required deadlines
  • Worked closely with local authorities to receive permission, clearance and support for documentations

Results: All the trucks and equipment were brought in from various neighboring countries to support the mission on a timely manner. The client estimated a 7% of the overall project in savings after a market research on pricing analysis.

  • On-time success providing more than 75 types of trucks, forklift and crane equipments available for the mission
  • Pre-cleared customs documentations of all goods promptly
  • Successful convoy between border crossings
  • Cost savings of the overall project from start to finish


CASE STUDY 3 – Government Contracting – Federal Aviation Administration

Overview: The FAA mission is to provide safety for all air and space travelers to their destinations. As the FAA strives to reach the next level of safety, efficiency, environmental responsibility and global leadership they are accountable to the American public and the stakeholders.

The client contracted, Tran Logistics to assist the FAA in transporting their tooling, materials and equipment to various airport bases throughout the Caribbean in fixing and maintaining the air control towers.


  • The Caribbean has limited air and sea freight carrier options
  • Customs tends to be slow, inefficient and unresponsive
  • Cargo is often damaged

Solution: Partner with Tran Logistics as the logistics and transportation company to provide (a) strategic logistics solutions (b) warehousing & distribution support (c) customs clearance services with no delays in order for the technicians to be able to have tooling, materials, and equipment available upon their arrival. This has significantly lowered costs through efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Transported cargo strategically via sea or air freight to various destinations to meet required deadlines
  • Provided local warehousing for easy access to be able to pick and drop cargo for transportation both inbound/outbound
  • Worked closely with local authorities for quick customs clearance turn-around time

Results: The FAA is very satisfied with our customized solutions and services throughout the Caribbean. Tran Logistics has made the clients travels more convenient to meet their project deadlines.

  • Strategic transportation solutions were put in place for various routes
  • Pre-cleared customs documentations of all goods moved them promptly through the system
  • Easy access and carefree travel for FAA technicians
  • Cost savings on budget