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CASE STUDY 1 – Commercial Aerospace Client, export and import of CFM-56 & JT8 Engines to/from USA to Africa & Europe

Overview: The African market is growing rapidly, however, the logistical infrastructure in some parts of Africa is not developed and has limited or unavailable equipment and carrier services for transportation. As the demand for transportation and logistics services in/out of Africa has increased dramatically TL has been a key player in successfully carrying out operations in that part of the world and will keep growing and the demand keeps increasing over time.

In this case the client purchased their engines in Congo and Djibouti Africa without clear knowledge of the logistical challenges of security, custom clearance and transporting cost issues in transporting the engines to the USA.

Challenges: Client purchased their JT8 engines in unsafe locations in Africa. Their first challenge was not understanding the culture and the nature of business dealings with local customs authorities, whom make it very difficult to conduct business by delaying the clearance process, which in turn creates more costs for the clients. The second challenge was security, without a proper warehousing facility with 24/7 security, the engines can easily disappear. Thirdly, the complex of transporting via air and sea freight with cost savings.

  • Obscure Cities Congo and Djibouti Africa
  • Security in Africa
  • Difficulties of locating equipment to handle cargo
  • Limited carrier options of services
  • Underdeveloped road infrastructure

Solution: Tran Logistics implemented an integrated logistics and transportation to (a) deliver the cargo on time (b) stimulate local authorities in support of custom clearance and permits, (c) provided the adequate and necessary equipment to get the job done, and (d) negotiated the best cost saving solutions for transporting.

  • Provided door to door solutions
  • Located available equipment for the loading/off loading and transporting engines
  • Engaged available carrier services needed in order to get the job done
  • Strategically mapped the routing to transport the engines to a port and airport in another city to meet schedules
  • Selected secure storage facility to store the engines until time to transport
  • Worked closely with local partner agent & vendors who had close relationships with customs authorities in order to make the process less complicated and secure rapid approval


  • Successfully carried out all operations to ship to and from Africa/ USA
  • Established permanent and relationships with local customs authorities and carriers
  • Put on-going support in place
  • Cut cost by 63%


CASE STUDY 2 – Commercial Maritime Client, export and import of Satellite equipment, tooling and ship spares in transit to be used aboard all ships and vessels docked at various destinations throughout the world.

Overview: The Maritime industry faces a lot of challenges when it comes to meeting deadlines as each vessel docks only for a certain period of time making it hard for shipments to reach their final destination if any delays occur during the routing of the shipment.

Tran Logistics played a key role in providing logistics solutions to their maritime clients by offering innovative solutions designed to fit each clients’ project as needed.


  • Need for fast delivery
  • Customs delays
  • Deadlines to meet
  • Need to cut cost and reduce expenses

Results: Tran Logistics carried out successful operations throughout the world, delivering cargo on time, therefore making the material available for all technicians to use aboard the ships. In return all clients are able to carry out their projects on a timely manner.

  • Dedicated delivery and on-time delivery with no delays
  • Pre-customs clearance completed in order to meet deadlines
  • Implemented solutions to be carried out in all future shipments


CASE STUDY 3 – Commercial AOG Services – Transported all types of aviation parts and engines for Aircraft on Ground

Overview: Aviation industry clients are very much satisfied with the quality of AOG service provided by the Tran Logistics’ team. They know that by making TL their AOG logistics, they can sleep at night as TL’s team will handle and monitor all shipments from start to finish making sure the client is satisfied with our services.

Challenges: Time is of the essence due to cost when there is an AOG. The client partnered with Tran Logistics to receive 24/7 fast service worldwide 365 days a year.

  • Emergency anytime and anywhere worldwide
  • Delays in customs clearance process
  • Not many options to move cargo last minute
  • Limited access to obscure destinations


  • Transport parts and engines strategically via express air freight service, counter to counter delivery to various destinations to meet AOG needs
  • Provide innovative services to ensure cargo would reach its final destination on time


  • Strategic global network providing transportation solutions to carry out AOG parts & engines
  • Pre-cleared customs documentations of all goods promptly
  • Counter to counter delivery
  • 24/7 AOG support internationally