Our Capabilities

TranLogistics has the certifications and track records executing complex services for government contracts.  TL retains an extensive and highly qualified staff and network of subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and other specialized personnel qualified to perform project specifics.  Our ongoing relationships attest to the quality of work and services provided.

Government Services


TranLogistics Past performance within government are as follows:

  • department-of-the-airforce
    Department of the Air Force
  • department-of-the-army
    Department of the Army
  • department-of-the-navy
    Department of the Navy
  • federal-aviation-administration
    Federal Aviation Administration
  • military-surface-deployment-and-distribution-command
    Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
  • federal-emergency-management-agency
    Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • united-states-coast-guard
    United States Coast Guard
  • united-states-southern-command
    United States Southern Command


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